Is having a blog good for local SEO?


Feb 22, 2023

I have a small local business. Does having a blog actually help SEO?

I could see how the fresh content and internal linking could help.

However some of my competitors do not have a blog but still outrank.

Besides GMB optimization, link building, local service pages etc, that kinda stuff, I haven't really seen anywhere talk about blogging being a ranking factor.

In fact, one of my competitors uses a digital marketing agency & they specifically state they dont do blogging because its dead.

What are your thoughts on this?
It all depends, for some local business gmb is enough and if you try to sell them website design they will laugh at you and say website is dead. So it all depends on business and location.
Yes. A blog can be used in many different ways. Also it can also hurt if done incorrectly.
Provide value with the content.
Having a blog for a local business will help if your blogs answer localised queries of potential leads.

These queries are often easier to rank for & satisfy the user intent of potential leads.
100% have website always help GMB, you don't need to blog in website but if you have skill to rank homepage and services page that is enough to top local, well after building website for client I only help them rank the homepage to top 1 google that ok don't need to blog post
If your business niche for local market is favorable for blog then go for it otherwise it's of no benefit
It helps. Yes. You can use it to leverage people through posting lists articles on your blog.
Having a blog can be advantage for local business's SEO, to stay on top you need focus on quality content for your blog and be on local trends for good results
In fact, one of my competitors uses a digital marketing agency & they specifically state they dont do blogging because its dead.

What are your thoughts on this?

For local SEO and possibly other niches, you do not look at the "blog" as something separate from the rest of the site. The way to look at it is just "content". So it does not matter if you have a blog or not, what matters is do you have enough content compared to your competitors.

You can put said content either in "pages" or "posts", and making blog posts can be more convenient than making pages. But at the end of the day it is the same. As content authority, depth, freshness, etc matter, then this is one factor for ranking, among many others.

So you do not have to have a blog to rank #1 locally, but it may help improve rankings if you are not #1.
The blog will always help, but you have to assess if it is worth it and if you will have visits for that geolocated audience. Well, it's not the same for Madrid as for a very specific neighborhood of Madrid. The size of the audience will be much smaller and with the GMB it would be enough in this case.

As I tell you, it depends on the size of the audience you have and it depends on who you are addressing above all.
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