Is google news dead?


Sep 22, 2022
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I have a website that has both news article and normal article. I submited Google News successfully and the indexing worked really well until now.

In Google news Publish panel, I can see my latest articles in preview panel, but when enter the publication, it's not here. To appear in the publication it took more than 5 to 10 hours - as well as in google search too, I recently have this issue. Before this issue it just took 3-5 minutes to appear in publication and google search. I still keep my website the same, no minor changes, all the setting, technical stay the same from the beginning and this issue randomly came.

I tried to submit a new feed with GN feed plugin but it's not working, I even created a new publication, it showed the old posts, the latest's still missing.

This is frustrating, because without Google News my posts will index within 2-3 hours, but now all my new posts delay at least 5 - 10 hours. In Google search console it marked my URL as Indexed, but when I search "site:..." it doesn't show up. It's not good when your competitor go to your website, stole the content and then get indexed before you, especially for a news website. 10 hours later I thing it's not new anymore.

Any advice to solve this, Google news support doesn't know what the hell is going on either...
Even though I don't face such problems, I recently stopped writing news and unpublished my site from Google news as traffic is negligible from it. It doesn't work like before.
It's still working for indexing your pages/urls. Just don't spend too much time on it.
Make sure that your website's robots.txt file is not blocking Google from crawling your site. You can check your robots.txt file by visiting [your website URL]/robots.txt.
Right around the time of an update, things do take time to settle down. So if I were you, I would give it a 15 days to "wait and watch", and then would want to find out the exact cause behind why the new pages aren't indexing.

This could be because of recent changes in how Google is not indexing websites of low value websites that churn out low-value experience for the audiences. That includes the Google-news approved websites, as well.

If that is the case, you may be in for a world of trouble as far as this website is concerned.
You need to deliver high quality content then it's possible.
My news site is not facing such issues. The articles index well within minutes.
its not a big deal . so try to upload high quality content punlish. than work it.....
So is my site, but it just randomly came when all the settings stay the same, no minor changes
Can be many reasons i would assume it is not that news sites are dead just because one site is not performing.
update: Google just fixed the issue
It is useful for indexing your pages but it takes some time to it.
Not actually but yes this never works like before, i have 5 Google news website all of them going the same track.
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