Is Google Backtracking on Unnatural Link Warnings in WMT?

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    Not too long ago Matt Cutts stated if there was an unnatural link warning in WMT, it was a manual action. Now, a new set of warnings has been sent with Matt Cutts stating we should not panic. See below.


    It's funny how Google changes the rules daily. Maybe they are looking for a way to backtrack out of the hysteria they caused with negative SEO, link disavow options that promise to waste webmasters time, and of course a way to return the SERPS back to something sensible?

    I wish Google would get their act together. Sure, buying links is a bad thing in their eyes. But those that buy links typically have quality sites that convert - which pleases the end user otherwise they would not whip out their wallets right? The free market will take care of the crappy sites by draining those webmasters of their funds to buy more links as their ROI would be shit.

    Hey Google, I have an idea. How about something in WMT that simply states whether a manual action has been taken against a site or not? These guessing games are getting just as old as the rules that change on a monthly basis...
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