Is Google AdWords really the best KW research tool? Let’s think about this for a moment

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    Ok, so I come across may posts about what are the best tools for SEO? best KW tools etc... and I thought it may be a good idea to pass my own take on this so we can finely agree on something and go back to suck from Google's titties, because they may just have the most organic fresh milk available.

    Let?s think about this for a moment....

    There are many tools out there, but...none of them have the data that Google has in terms of actual user search queries (yes, i mean keywords), therefore, they are all lacking accuracy. Some may claim Google AdWords Keyword tool may not be making all data available (mostly conspiracy theorists). To them I say, "let?s think about this for a moment..."

    Google became the giant they are by working on providing the most accurate results to people like you and I who came back to use their search/spy/big bro engine. The more users they got, the more attractive they became for advertisers. Google advertisers for those of you who forgot are the ones who actually pay real money to get their ads in front of our faces 24/7.

    Lets recap for a far we had:
    - Google actually working to earn our attention so we can use their search engine.
    - Zombie users who have no other choice but to use the engine that gets them the info they need without spending the whole day trying to get it.
    - Money bags who want to make more money by shoving ads in our faces all day long.
    - Google giving advertisers a tool that allows them to gain an insight into what us zombies are doing on their website so they can hunt us more effectively.

    Given what I mentioned here which although some of you may not appreciate my sense of humor, will still agree with me on the facts.

    Do you think It?s in Google's best interest to provides those who are willing to pay the most accurate data?
    Do you think AdWords Keyword tool is the best way to research keywords relevant to your next SEO project?
    Since other keyword tools don't have anything close to the mountains of data Google collects daily, do you really think they are still as accurate?

    Hit me with all you got