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Sep 18, 2008
Hi, ( sorry for my english)
I struggle for about 2 years to grow an legit site and bussines
I just do not trust more in white hat as google claims..

I will share my experience.
1) i work in a non english - european language. cosmetic field and multilevel marketing
2) 2 months ago i bough an old premium site with some mixed links i developed my bussines on it. with wordpress.
I ranked well for first year until it was hacked and i had to rebuild from 0. in wordpress

In the mean time 2 competitor brand new sites surpassed me.
I did not liked the low speed of wordpress and i made half site ( the most 10 importants page i have ) in pure HTML and CSS code super optimised with manual coded seo metatags and the rest of the site with a flatfile BLUEDIT platforme for easy posting.
Manual written articles ( 1000 + word) with chapters, internal navigations so on , all the think in theory. I work in white hat for about 20 years.
All my pages ( about 30 ) have 95 too 100 pints /100 score on speed on pagespeedinsight. Even pictures are webp optimized.
for about 6 months i have almost no gain in positions but slow droppings or i stay constant.

My positions are for almost all 10 pages i care on the ( let say) on average 8th position to 15 th position depending on the kewword.

But, my 2 main competitors are growing constantly for about one year and i canot surpass them. They are on average on 2th and 3rd position on various keyword.

Both are wordpress and and are very poor optimised , poor content, poor pagespeedinsight ( they both have between 30--60 points for page speed of the pages)

The number 2 position have almost no content on the site . Only thousandth of auto generated tags and products.
Hundred of auto generated pages with products , only with pictures. NOT TEXT AT ALL almost no page. And if there are some texts it is copied.
He created some pages with duplicated content from 2 most high DA and knows press site from my country . Those pages rank better than original pages even in the searches there is obvious that the duplicated content articles was created last month and the original have many years.

Thousands of spammy shitty links to the pages but especially to the pictures.
some from porn pages, some only from link shorteners , forum profiles, and some of them from an sort of pbn with classifieds sites.

I have only quality content well formatted good tags, on my company i have on eperson which wrote articles for me. I sustain that site with a small pbn of blogs on the same niche , i also have links from wikipedia for the site because i am a wikipedia contributor on the medical field.

What do you think ..

on the next pictures MY SITE IS IN THE LEFT and the competitors are to the right in the order of the position. The RIGHT one is the LEGIT company we promote so we canot compete with it. It gain natural links day by day.
For me is is quite obvious that ONLY the QUANTITY matter for google.
An the site optimisation is not important. Also not page speed..So i will switch back to wordpress as my main blog.
Please provide me i am wrong

Sometime in the morning i wish to fire GSA and to make some work, but i calm down.
I started this month to configure rankerx to work, id give it a try, to make also some volume.

Any opinions?
Thank you

PS . The pictures are with LINKS to the whole site and with the links only to the maine site page /index.


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