Is flippa a big con?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by dannygoodman, Aug 14, 2010.

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    I'm selling a site on flippa, it costs me $100 to list and they also take 5% of the final sale.. My site is an information site (no expenses) earning $1100 per month and growing. The auction is almost over and bidding has just scraped the $5000 mark :confused:

    I can't help but feel a bit ripped off and that the site is worth at least double that.

    Anybody else experienced this with flippa? I thought investors were all over it..
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    IMHO from a selling perspective, you can get a higher multiple in respect to your earnings for the under $500 market

    Not sure how many people are really watching the $2000+ market, been a few gonzo deals, however not the "bustlying marketplace" that they claim

    I've heard it said a few times that 7-8 times a month's earnings are "market rate" for a site, however from a buyer's perspective for the 5,000+ price range, one has to also take into account the risks like:
    - google algo could change
    - your rankings could be on a temporary bump from a blackhat SEO move
    - rev $$ could be fakes
    - profits could be off / profits are coming from some sort of bot run scam
    - revenue has been short term, and therefore not "proven"
    - if your site is located in a geo area that the buyer isn't in / doesn't want to manage
    - the site is now "outed" and there's probably at least 10 people going after the niche with scraped content from your site.

    If you're making that kind of $$ and only getting that kind of bid, personal opinion is that you're better off just letting it simmer for 6 months, everything after that is gravy, hold onto it for a year and you've made more than you expected to.
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    i have bought a few sites from flippa and to be honest been happy. But i usually buy sites that are just starting out or have been open for a couple of months.

    If youre looking to buy on flippa be prepared for all of the above.. I would say the biggest shock to me was that some of these guys were selling nulled scripts as 'new products'. If i wanted cracked products.. ide look here!