Is Caffeine hood for working online and productivity?


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Dec 8, 2016
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I just wondered if the caffeine good for working hard and be more productive?
I don’t know if Caffeine is good for anything, I just know that I won’t survive without coffee.
To keep things simple, caffeine is useful if you're used to it, but it would be better if you can go without it (possible addiction and shit). If you're imagining that you'd be rocking hard and working like never before just after a cup of coffee or RedBull, boy, aren't you mistaken.
if you want energy caffeine will just give you a spark then decline if you want focus and thought power drink green tea or matcha it has caffeine and l theanine and green tea healthier for you
The so-called "Coffee Cantata" by Bach:

The story goes about the father trying to stop the daughter's coffee delinquency.
The girl is resisting all attempts, all removals of privileges. The father is rendered powerless in his pursuit.
But alas, in the darkest hour of his defeat, a sly idea hits him.
What if I don't get you a husband girl?
Whaaaa, fuck coffee, I'll take the hunk now, dear father!
Haha, all I have to do now is get her a nice lad that will keep her busy, coffee is gone forever - oh, happy days ahead!
Yet the girl is her father's daughter indeed.
She spreads a rumor that she will only accept hunks who will not oppress her from her coffee pleasure.
So in the end, it is the daughter that wins - and like her mother and grandmother gets to keep the pleasure of being coffee junkies.

Translated Lyrics (underlines added by me):

Be quiet, do not chat,
And listen to what happens now:
Here comes Mr. Schlendrian
with his daughter Liesgen,
He grumbles like a grizzly bear;
hear for yourselves, what she has done to him!
With children, aren't there
a hundred thousand aggravations!
Whatever I, all the time and every day,
tell my daughter Liesgen,
slides on by with no effect.
You naughty child, you wild girl,
ah! When will I achieve my goal:
get rid of the coffee for my sake!
Father sir, but do not be so harsh!
If I couldn't, three times a day,
be allowed to drink my little cup of coffee,
in my anguish I will turn into
a shriveled-up roast goat.

Ah! How sweet coffee tastes,
more delicious than a thousand kisses,
milder than muscatel wine.
Coffee, I have to have coffee,
and, if someone wants to pamper me,
ah, then bring me coffee as a gift!
If you don't give up coffee for me,
you won't go to any wedding parties,
or even go out for walks.

Okay then!
Only leave my coffee alone!

Now I've got the little monkey!
I will buy you no whalebone dress of the latest fashion.

I can easily put up with that.

You may not go to the window
and watch anyone passing by!

This too; but be merciful
and let my coffee stay!

You'll also not receive from my hand
a silver or gold ribbon
for your bonnet!

Sure, sure! Just leave me my pleasure!

You naughty Liesgen,
you grant all of that to me?
Girls of stubborn mind
are not easily won over.
But if the right spot is touched,
Oh! Then one can happily get far.
Now do what your father says!

In everything but coffee.

All right then! So you will have to content yourself with never having a husband.

Ah yes! Father, a husband!

I swear that it will never happen.

Until I give up coffee?
All right! Coffee, lie there now forever!
Father sir, listen, I won't drink none.

So finally you'll get one!
Even today,
dear father, make it happen!
Ah, a husband!
Indeed, this will suit me well!
If it would only happen soon,
that at last, instead of coffee,
before I even go to bed,
I might gain a sturdy lover!
Now old Schlendrian goes and seeks
How he, for his daughter Liesgen,
might soon acquire a husband;
but Liesgen secretly spreads the word:
no suitor comes in my house
unless he has promised to me himself
and has it also inserted into the marriage contract,
that I shall be permitted
to brew coffee whenever I want.
Cats do not give up mousing,
girls remain coffee-sisters.
The mother adores her coffee-habit,
and grandma also drank it,
so who can blame the daughters!
I don't drink coffee, never did and hope I never have to. I try to go to the core with the problem and not use something that will only hold me over. Have a feeling coffee could only last for a while. And it could possibly harm my health.

I'd try to get the energy from other, healthier sources. Working out and staying active every day, eating fruit and taking care of your body and mind, taking vitamins etc :)
I'll do all my online work - 100% based - like - morning (wake up time - brewed coffee - 400ml) - after I am done i go with instant one 250ml adding here 1-2 litres of coke = all done for the entire day. :D
Personally, I find caffeine to be distracting (increased anxiety and mind wandering). It's really going to depend on your physiology if nootropics like caffeine are effective for you with productivity.
I find it hinders my performance in all aspects of life aside from the gym - too scatter brained and aprehensive to take action. I'm not as fluid in social situations either, anxiety maybe

If you quit, it takes 10 days for your receptors to reset. If you quit and find your mental agility take a nose dive that's why it happens to me too.
Some countrys are known for their love of coffee, tea, soft drinks, and more recently the latest, which we called, energy drinks. There are so many brands; Power Horse, London Best, Red Bull, Spark, Monstar, Hippo and many more. Kids. Teenagers love energy drinks, teetotalers love them; energy drinks are non-alcoholic. All of us consume caffeine in one quantity or the other. These trends are popular in some countries , particularly the energy drinks. Some have even claim that their days are not made without a cup of coffee. The question one needs to ask is what are the health implication of all these. Caffeine is a stimulant and a drug. Is Caffeine good for our health or not? It is regarded as the most widely used drug in the world. Scholars around the world confirm its stimulating power. It is a natural stimula
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