Is Buying YouTube Accounts legal?


Mar 13, 2010
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OK, I hope this is not a duplicate question. I've searched on the forum but could not find a thread on this subject.

I've heard in some places that buying YouTube accounts is illegal? Is that true? If so, what is the risk?

Buying and selling of almost anything is not illegal (unless the something is "sex" in some countries). However I believe it may be against their terms of service which is a different thing to being illegal.

Basically this means you have almost zero chance of being thrown in jail for it, but you are a pretty high chance to get your account closed if you get caught. That said, i'm sure it happens all the time with no hassles.
toinkz.... give the guy a break.. :)

buying YT is legal but you should buy someone who have a BST thread... thanks for your reply; that was what I thought too

toxtom: as you see, I'm just a newbie so thanks for being nice to me . I've always been told that asking does not kill anyone and that it's the best way to learn ;)

auggie101: thank you for understanding me. By the way, I'm not guy, I'm a girl, just like you :)

Well every Coin has two side and all it matters where are you standing if you see things from Google's Respective then its certainly is not Legal but when you see stuff from a blackhats point of view they are very much legal as you need them to generate good views,comments to drag your Position up on Youtube SEO

Doubt seriously that there's a legal issue involved, but if you're caught by Google they're probably not the best company in the webworld to be pissing off. From a financial perspective any action they take could affect you a lot worse than having a crusading district attorney after you.
they throw you into prison! stay away from youtube
sorry for being out of topic...
@auggie : i don't know how to contact you anymore. I have Pm u and send u emails but u never reply me.I just need my youtube accounts that you promise to me. will u send it to me since I have sent you the payment?
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