Is blogger still a decent way to make cash?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by GoGettit, Jan 20, 2014.

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    I have no job and i'm not currently in school. My days are totally free and i am interested in IM. Only problem is i don't have any start up cash. I'm an okay writer and have several topics that i am very interested in. Am also a regular on yahoo answers/several forums.

    So i was wondering if i start about 35 blogs on blogger, 5 for each day of the week, and publish new articles on all of them once a week will i be able to make a decent income? I'll also be helping people on yahoo answers/forums and then linking back to my blog in the post. I'll only give quality answers so i'm not worried about being marked as spam. And i frequently get best answer anyway.

    Any estimates for how long it will take to see a decent income/how much i will be able to make per day per blog? I know you can't give exact answers but i want to know if this would even be worth my time or i'm better off trying another method.
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    Yes blogging can earn you money - depending on how you plan to do it. I mean, you do just general blog posts on any topic or focus on 1 category.

    I'd recommend you to:
    • make a 1 or 2 blogs instead of 35 blogs so you can focus on quality.
    • make a hub of information
    • choose a specific category and explore it.
    • what's your interest? For example, if you love to play iPhone Games - then play "more download" games: make a video, upload it on Youtube, link to your blog for reviews, join forums and pass the link into the discussions.

    Hope it works :)
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    Yes you can make money, if done correctly.

    You need to find your niche, find your offer, and then go create your blogs.

    Oh yea I almost forgot the easiest part; you have to rank it on google.