is blackhat for me?

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    Jan 31, 2009
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    hi everyone
    my second post
    I found this site after searching for ways to getting annon ebay accounts,
    now i've landed i'm thinking i'm in too deep,
    heres my story
    I'm always looking for ways to make money, before 2000 and the internet, i made my own money through selling, some seasonal some not, (summer markets/winter toy partys for xmas) but all offline. Then in 2000 i accuired a pc and started on sites like
    0800 dialup
    I learnt how to get stuff for free with sub 7 (meek or what)
    I got on to the philips c12
    itv digital - that was a good un!
    machine keys
    cable boxes
    back up disks
    etc etc

    I've a friend locally who has been bashing my ear about affiliate sites, seems he's hooked up some guy who's taken his cash for little or somewhat cloudy information, anyway i was intrigued with automated income, i was myself buying replica goods from china and selling online but i think everyones onto it and the bottoms falling fast.

    Now thats a condensed bit of history.

    now i think its time to move on and i reckon there must be something here within blackhat that i can work on, but i'm a noob to most of bhw's content...

    I read somewhere on here from admin it read, 'good info for noobs.... but why are noobs on here anyway'

    Ok i'm a noob, should i stick around ?
    Are there other sites i should start with?

    any replies at all would be appreciated

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    Dec 1, 2008
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    Noobs are here to learn and Guru's are here to become better and help noobs. It's a place to share experience, good methods and knowlegde. So if you want to make some money with BH - this forum is for you!

    Don't worry, just because you're a noob, doesn't mean that you're not welcome here. Everybody can bring something on the table!

    How should you start? Read, Read and Read! Read some methods and try to get the ideas behind. Then pick one method and implement it - focus on only this one and try to make some money. If you're comfortable with it, keep going and at the same time, jump to the next method.