Is BHW Jr.VIP a badge to prove trust and then scam?

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Sep 5, 2022
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We've been scammed by almost 3-4 Jr VIP's from BHW, just wondering is that a badge for buyers to trust so these people can scam buyers and run away, How is the Jr.VIP badge given? Are there any regulations in place? Even Jr.VIP's contacting on marketplace @Mr.Grinder (Previous username : deepdigger)
( in this case, wants to deal outside of BHW so they can scam and run away. Check attached screenshots for proof.


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The only requirements for Jr. VIP are as follows:
  • 100 posts on the forum
  • A $147 payment
  • 60+ day old account
Anyone can get it and it should not be used as a sole sign of trust. Please note though that Jr. VIPs, marketplace sellers, and to an extent premium members are permitted to sell on our forum (not outside of the marketplace, either).

Additionally, be wary of doing business with members outside of the forum and be sure to read this avoiding scams guide we have here on the forum:

If you've been scammed, please open up a shit list thread against the members here so that a moderator can assist you further:

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