Is BH SEO A Shortcut To Fame And Riches?

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    I'm sure this isn't the first thread on this topic but because I'm new I thought I'd try and give a little before taking.

    I've been in IM for about 2 years on and off mostly part time putting in about 3-4 hours a day. Only recently have I started to make a little money and so you don't think I'm a guru or anything I make about 1K (gross) per month from my online business. Not a lot but I'm working on it.

    I think some people believe that BH SEO is a shortcut / faster method of earning money online. I'm sure in very skilled and knowledgeable hands it can be but for the average noob (like me) it could seem like a shortcut and an easier way to riches. I don't think this is true but it can be a useful lever to help you get better results once you have something to leverage. It can however be a distraction and needs to be put into context.

    I'm starting to do a little better than in the early days and I think it's because:

    1. I've stopped chasing the latest get rich quick scheme and have focused on the basics. It's not my quote and I'm sure everyone has seen it before but this stopped and made me think "If you're not creating content (webpages,Blog posts,articles...) or creating backlinks to your content you're not really working on your IM business at all". I know many of you will be thinking but I need to educate myself by reading all the latest stuff (Forums,BHW,Web browsing,gaining technical skills, answer Email and all the other things we do on a daily basis) but it's only the content and links that count at the end of the day. I was as guilty as the next preferring to work on technical stuff than on my business.

    2. Time management. I now allocate a maximum of 0.5 - 1 hour a day for BHW, education, Email etc and plan my next days work before I finish work for the day. I have a yearly / monthly / weekly / daily goals so I have a direction to go in. The plan is very fluid beyond monthly (so I can jump on something new) but each day I know what I want to achieve (how many articles and on what topic, how many backlinks I want to build and on what assets) which means I now don't get distracted and know when I switch my computer on in the morning exactly what I need to do and how long I have to do it in.

    3. I never use BH techniques on my money pages / sites it's all WH some will disagree with me but I prefer it that way. I do however use BH on my second tier sites (Hubpages,Sqidoo,, Web 2,0 etc) but mostly just to get them indexed although I am experimenting with some sites to see if I can either blow them up or get them to rank.

    Bottom line for me IM has been the most challenging job I've had. I've had to work harder, longer and for a much smaller reward than from anything else I've done before.

    My hunch is after a couple of years of building stuff and creating some decent assets, focusing on what will rank your websites (as opposed to "making work" to pass your day and forgetting the get rich / buy the latest make money fast products you'll slowly start to get the rewards your hard work and focus deserves.

    PS All the above is my opinion and might not work for you and I'm sure many will disagree with me. That's OK after all I'm not a Guru just your average Internet Marketer trying to earn a few dollars.
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