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    Hey Guys,

    I know this form doesn't condone any illegal activity etc and you see people getting banned etc for posting that kind of stuff..

    All the same, I have to ask.

    You when people discuss using bots etc to post content on the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. It is all for generating traffic and various other things to provide financial gain.

    Where does all this stand in the eyes of the law? When you get paid into your account where does the money come from and is it ill gotten?

    Are the tactics just extremely grey (i.e. legal) or just plain black (i.e. illegal)

    In the past I have seen grey tactics end being black once they have been scaled and provide serious income for the operator. My understanding is that as soon as you start making some decent money, somebody will sue/prosecute you for "wire fraud" it seems that wire fraud is the general catch all for stuff that isn't caught by the computer misuse act.

    Any body care to share their opinions on this?

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    It comes from people buying products or from ads displayed on your site that people paid for.
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    I'm not a lawyer and any lawyer will tell you they need more specifics and things largely depend on where you are and many specific and minute details of the particular act located BUT generally speaking this stuff isn't illegal its just against the site's ToS. That being said the computer misuse act is EXTREMELY vague (I think its from like 1988 or something and the language is horribly all encompassing) so many things COULD actually be illegal but the likelihood of being prosecuted is near zero. The stuff you want to watch out for is when you're getting closer to pure fraud. When you are basically getting paid money that you shouldn't be, using sneaky methods of getting traffic or even of getting real leads is different from getting paid for fake leads or the like.

    As an example there were prosecutions for cookie stuffing but that is pure fraud, those people never visited eBay/Amazon from those links and no product was promoted, they were just stuffed with a cookie so 100% of the sales were sales they made on their own with no input from the affiliate but the affiliate got the credit. Its fraud. Same thing with completing your own/paying people to complete CPA offers, none of those are real leads they are not interested in the offer they are interested in the pay day, its fraud.

    Using blackhat techniques to drive traffic or to get real leads isn't fraud. Its a different thing and you really don't need to worry about being prosecuted for the stuff you mention, just worry about being banned from networks/site. This stuff generally violated terms of service it doesn't violate actual law which are two very different things.
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    It is not fraud and it is legal , may be not ethical but it's legal .
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    Dont worry, too much ,just use them for your purpose