Is Adsense the Achilles heal of Google?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Minister, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Think about this for a moment, I think logically it is.

    The current updates Google roll out seem to be attacking folk who want to 'directly make money' from their websites. The people who know how to do that very well are folk who have learned to optimize 1) for SERPS 2) for adsense 3) for affiliate sales 4) lead generation 5) direct sales.

    I believe the real aggressive optimization started to happen when Adsense came along. That in my opinion started the whole 'get rich quick' game that Google has since distanced itself from, but at first, it nurtured and seemed to me, encouraged!

    So now what we seem to have is Google crushing those who are 'the most knowledgeable'. Those guys will certainly all know how to get the most out of Adsense for sure. The problem Google has now is that these very same people, between them operate a magnificent percentage of the real-estate that Google sells to Adwords users. I feel very confident that if you took away the top monster adsense players like ebay who do seem to be fortunate enough to do arbitrage openly and very well, you'd be looking a very high percentage in the remaining google high-earners who are in fact 'system-manipulators' whether black hat or white hat.

    Both types have one thing in common, 'knowledge'. It seems to be that 'expertise' is what Google is downgrading by promoting websites without links, tactics, on-page seo etc... Problem is, a lot of those kind of tactic-less sites don't know shit about Adsense or how to properly optimize for it. They possibly know even less about niche marketing, which undoubtedly requires some expertise.

    So if you wipe out the SEO expertise by ruining them financially, Google will automatically downgrade its own revenue stream and attractiveness for advertisers. There will be fewer 'converting' niche players interested because there will be less chance of 'bending SERPS' to meet their well-optimized sites. That my friends leads to a downward spiral. Less advertising success, less money to Google. Less money to Google, less interest promoting Adsense.

    I think Google are fooling themselves now if they seriously believe SEO is a totally controllable situation. I believe they already 'know' that a huge percentage of their own revenue 'depends' on the SEO of both Black and White hats.

    Just my naive opinion...
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    Google latest algos are definitely for forcing medium and small size website owners using adwords to bring traffic. I don't think so individual professionals will be able to rank anymore like before.
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    I was jusg thinking the same thing yesterday, good post.