Is a web desgining software a IM realted tools or not? my post delated by moderator

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Royalserviceteam, May 20, 2011.

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    Sorry to say that i was not understanding to select the category to post this.

    Today few hours ago I shared a web designing software named by WYSIWYG in download section.We can use this software to create landing page easily without knowing any HTML knowledge.It has many can see all feature here

    Just after posting the thread i got some replies with thanks for sharing that nice tool.

    But sometime ago
    blackhit [​IMG]
    Downloads Moderator

    sent a pm me with saying that my post has deleted by him.His pm is this:

    Message from Downloads Moderator - WYSIWYG a cool web designing software                                                                                             Hi,
    I deleted your share WYSIWYG a cool web designing software.
    It's not an IM product and classified as warez here.
    Thanx for the effort though.
    Enjoy BHW
    Downloads Moderator 
    His this portion "and classified as warez here." is ok but my question is that a web designing software is a not a IM products?

    To earn from adsense or CPA or affiliate or selling service or products and many more we maximum time need website.And I just shared a tool to create that website easily.But he has deleted that post with showing a reason that this web designing software is not a IM product.

    I have no question about deleting my post as i am ready to follow all the rules of BHW but i am still now not understanding how a web designing software is not a IM related products.

    sorry the download moderator for posting this thread but really i am in confusion about your that pm.


    What do you think..........? a web designing software is not a IM product?

    May be my confusion will go away after reading your comments.
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    I think a mod already told you, so you should stop bitching and move on.