Is A Domain Name Actually Important?

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    Hello, everybody!

    This is my first post... what a great website, and an incredible wealth of information.

    I am a newbie here, and I am finally starting to catch on to the basics of SEO and AdSense. My question is this:

    For the sake of SEO and appearing high on search engine rankings, is a domain name actually necessary? I have a .com website that is a collection of different articles about various health related topics. Each different section is basically a different website, but is there a significant difference between, for example:
    and then, let's say, a different section for drug addiction:


    Hopefully my question makes sense -- what I'm trying to say is, do I need a separate domain name for each and every topic?

    Thanks for your advice!
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    I always do better with a domain name that contains my niche keywords or relative keywords.

    -is better than-

    Not saying that a site with good content with a weird name can't be successful, its just one of many ways to help your site get good targeted traffic.

    Good Luck!
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