Is a 1.2 million url list for pr storm worth selling on here?


Aug 6, 2008
Hey guys - I am real short on cash atm,and was wondering if you guys thinks i can make the $20 back for selling this in b/s/t

Its just an url list of 1.2 million urls, so could be used with software such as pr storm - most likely I will give it away free, but as im in need of some cash for a product on this forum, Im trying anything to make me the money by selling stuff - if money was no problem - id just stick it in b/s/t but i got no luck selling it at dp - but maybe thats cos dp is fukll of whitehatters?

i would buy it for $1. I don't really use PR storm but it would be good to have. You should share it for free
For those who can't harvest their own I'm sure u can sell for $1 - $5 dollars, but then again you need to publish a thread in the BST. PRStorm isn't gone actually, it's still fine and effective. You should share it here for free since people can get a list by basically asking for it :)
If it is a inurl:awstats/webalizer list, then I would be interested to buy for some very low bucks, but I doubt that.

If it is just an arbitrary list, it will be completely useless for prstorm.
List is useless, if it were useful you would be making a post here asking how to use it, My personal experience is there no need for it.
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