Is 10K in Sales in the first month of an eBay Account a Record?

what system? he's just auctioning shit for a furniture store using his own ebay account.
I'd do it for free if I could learn their system and twist it

The best system you could come up with would be some sort of business that takes my furniture that's 80% off and try to make back some of the 80%.

what system? he's just auctioning shit for a furniture store using his own ebay account.

It is a system because I've built templates to quick-list their inventory, processes for warehouse workers and shipping clerks to follow, and created methods for making the customers pay the prices I'm looking for via Best Offer.

I also want to add that these items are not shit. I can honestly say that 99% of you could look around your living room right now and not see furniture of this quality. And that is not an insult - it just happens to be reflective of the market these items were intended for.
i meant shit as in 'stuff', didnt mean to come across as insulting the quality of product.
Well done, but to be perfectly honest if i could find an item that i could sell on ebay for UNDER wholesale rate then i would be good at ebay too.
That's great that you are making this company all this money but man, Take 1/3 of that knowledge and apply it to your own IM career. You'd be doing great!
Used to do 50k a month on eGay until they closed my account. PayPal fucked me and of course if PayPal fucks you...eBay is right around the corner.
Honestly, The important part is not making 10,000 in sales in one month. The important part is making
sure you make 10,000 in sales every singe month ;) 5,000 dollars a month for 12 months is a nice business.
10,000 one time is nice but not long term.

Congrats bro - thats an amazing start but its nothing in the great scale of eBay. I have a friend I did an eBay store for and he did $50k sales on the first day!! He did have a team listing and processing order of course but it shows the potential there.. Keep going and good luck
$50k sales on the first day?......Nobody makes that on eBay
From one Top Rated/PowerSeller to another, congrats - big time. To those that are shaking their heads reading this, wondering why the hell someone would do this for some company for free.. What OP did - whether it was intentional or not at the time, is catapult a so-so regular account into a VERY valuable account in what would be considered a pretty short amount of time. Smart move man - thats what i call taking advantage of opportunity. However if it was me, depending on the volume being sold, I would ask for something simple - like a flat $3-6 per auction sold. Best of luck, & be sure to keep up that status in the future. Aged, solid Ebay accounts like that will only become harder to come by down the road, & hard as it is now to start from scratch.. Imagine 3-4 years from now. People won't even consider it because it won't be doable anymore - no room for profit. In any case, more power to ya & good luck!
$10k in sales... so what. I could sell $1million in a week. The real question is "profit". Are you profiting .03 cents per item or $300 per item?
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