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    Last night I was damn tired and sleepy as I was doing my IM stuffs.
    I placed a table beside my couch and my laptop on it to use... I was so sleepy that I decided to take a quick rest but fell asleep afterwards.

    Then holy shit I got the weirdest dream ever! I dreamt I left my laptop in a warehouse unattended and went out to do something. When I got back, it was vandalized - the screen was scratched pretty deeply till nothing could be displayed back on and the whole laptop became faulty. I cried (wtf?) over it because it has all my important stuffs (IM stuffs, photos, .etc).

    Coincidentally, there was a platoon of army guys whom were inside the warehouse maintaining their guns (oiling them and so forth) and I assumed it was them. I told their platoon Sergeant to find that ass for me. But the sergeant replied that he don't have such time for such trivial matters. I got so pissed off that I decided to investigate myself.

    Next thing I know, I found out this short fat guy was responsible for vandalizing my laptop. I yelled at him and we decided to have a match of fight. He was laughing at me as he threw numerous punches at me... I couldn't retaliate and my whole body was moving very slowly... I couldn't repel his attacks and whenever I try to throw a punch it was so weak! He kept taunting me and started making fun of my parents.

    I got so pissed off I restored my punch with full strength and threw it at him!
    Next thing I know, I was woken up by a loud crash sound with my fist in pain!
    Yeap, turns out that I actually punched my laptop and it landed on the floor.

    Thankfully, it's ok.
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    Yeah since ive been into internet marketing i have dreams about it too lol

    One time i dreamed that my websites were all seized and all my work gone and i woke up and had to check my websites cause for some reason i thought it was true, very odd.

    You should lookup Lucid Dreaming if you have not tryed it that shyt is strange and works!!!
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    Aug 25, 2011
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    I've had dreams that actually took place simultaneously as I dreamed
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    Moral of the story: Backup your freaking laptop now.
  5. Nigel Farage

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    The laptop has dual meaning for you. It is important, and something to be protected. Defended against vandalism, and it's personal. If someone harms your laptop, you must seek revenge. These army guys weren't going to pay you for the damage; you wanted revenge. It was a matter of personal honor, much like if another man had done something to your wife or child.

    All this describes one part of the relationship you have with your laptop, your IM career, how important it is to you, the nature of your relationship with your carreer, etc... It's not a commodity, it's much more important than that. It's more like your wife or child than an object or an activity.

    However, the other side of this is that you also hate the thing. And it IS a thing that can be damaged. At some level, I believe you constructed the entirety of that dream in order to find the means to express the rage that you feel toward that laptop and what it means to you in your life.

    I think this dream is a message, from one part of yourself to another. It's saying that your current track is becoming unacceptable, and if one part of you does not fix the situation to allow a more "balanced" life, the other part of you will destroy that life. One part of you has had enough of the other, and is fully prepared to commit violence if things do not change.

    It would be a good idea to make necessary changes. That violent side isn't screwing around, and it's willing to destroy a lot more than a computer in order to fix a situation that has become completely unacceptable.
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