Irish guys here? I need your help.

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    Hi Guys,
    If you're from Ireland - I need your help.

    I'm about to travel to beautiful Ireland soon.
    It'll be a short trip, but to make it count as a business trip, I need to get an email from an Irish marketer or firm, inviting me to come meet with them.

    If you're from Ireland - preferably Dublin area - your help will be very much appreciated. Just email me at breakthecode @ blackhatcodebreaker . com a short letter saying something like:

    To: WebHorizons Ltd.

    Following our discussion, you are invited to meet with me/us on October 3/4/5 to discuss future collaboration possibilities/exchange marketing ideas/discuss hiring our SEO services/etc..

    Your Name

    • Best sending this from your domain's email address (better than from a free gmail/hotmail account)
    • Please fill-in/choose-between the red options, and generally change the email as much as you like.
    • Please, no spam...

    If we get to meet - great, but if I feel ill and have to cancel the meeting - you're good too ;)

    In any case - whoever helps me from Ireland gets both Blackhat Codebreaker 4 and CPA Convert 2 with lifetime updates, free of charge. Immediately after returning from Ireland I'll launch BHCB 5 and CPAC 3g (both with GEO) and you'll get both too.

    Most importantly - you'll also get my deepest thanks and appreciation :)

    Thanks Guys!