IpFreelyProxies formerly known as **Texacola Proxies** is back!

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i just ordered the service and sent him a pm and now am up and running in less than 15min...this is customer service with a smile...highly recommended
Special NOTE for people who have signed up and become clients:

If you have a problem with the proxies or having trouble using them the best way to contact me is either through the sites ticket support system or directly in the live support chat inside your VIP area and not through here or via PM. The bottom button on the menu on the left is for the support page and the live chat, if I'm online, is the red thing down the bottom left of your screen.

The reason for this isn't to try and hide any problems you may have with my service from the public but to make it MUCH easier to help with your issues because both of those systems will show me your email address which is linked to your specific configuration file. Those are NOT linked to any user names here on the forums. If I do or don't fix the issue then of course you may feel free to post on here either way, or not at all.

Thank you to all my new clients, you are all welcome!

*This has been a public service message brought to you by Mr Teddy and his all star support team*
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This is just to explain how the ordering process works so you know what to expect when you purchase. When you place an order on the site and it goes through Paypal the order triggers a cron job process for the proxy configuration setup.

1. Our system gets a notification from Paypal that an order was placed and who from and which IP Pack was ordered,
2. The member is created on the system
3. A blank config file is started which also sets that members area to active but not populated with proxies yet,
4. An email is sent to the members Paypal email address with the login information and a blank proxy section down the bottom, because
5. The payment needs to be approved first, either by me manually while I'm awake or by the system in about 12 hours if I'm not at my computer for some odd reason since I don't have a life. This is also a part of our fraud protection as it then gives Paypal an extra 12 hours to check the transaction. If the transaction is canceled the proxies stopp immediately too, just so you all know.
6. Once approved it all happens baby! The cron job checks every minute of every day for jobs in the queue which were setup by the actions above and if it see's one approved it then actions that members complete configuration file,
7. Adds the proxies randomly, but exclusively and not shared, selected across all available and unused IPs across all cblocks on all servers to your configuration file, and then
8. Sends you another email that again has your login information but also with your proxy list and ports down the bottom, then
9. All you need to do is login and add your IP(s) to the allow list and hit the Save and Update button and they are then IMMEDIATELY available for your use, and then...

10. Get out there and make MONEY!

Tex is a pro. Using them for scrapebox and they rock and all my comments stick.

Hey thanks dude. I've spent a lot of time making sure I get this service just right so that people like you can just get going and building their business and not have to worry about the mundane things in life, like proxies.

Hey Tex,

Glad to see you are back! Could you clarify what is allowed on your proxies?

- CL
- FB
- SB
- Xrumer
- Mailing

Anything that is not allowed? That may get some more people interested.
Thanks MrE.

From the second paragraph onwards on my website...

"Our Proxies are HTTP/HTTPS/FTP and NOT socks proxies, so PLEASE check your application to make sure it will accept these type of proxies as we can't directly help with any application you may wish to use them in.

We also do NOT sell emailing proxies and port 25 is blocked across ALL servers and so the proxies can't be used in this way.

Our proxies work great on FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and just about every other social website but we can't guarantee ANY particular site won't ban our proxies or implement restrictive policies that may hinder your use of them."

My position on CL is pretty plain above HERE in this thread.

Xrumer is NOT allowed, nor is over use or abuse of the proxies.

Webmailing Position:

From the Buy Now page, and the allowed daily numbers are on this page as well as above... "Daily Mailing Limits - We allow you to webmail via Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and Hotmail using programs such as MailerKing or YMG however we do impose daily sending limits depending on how many proxies you have to ensure long life and good ip reputation. Proxies are auto-disabled for the day after exceeding these limits and auto-active again at 12:01am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). SMTP PORT 25 IS BLOCKED. You may contact us privately and we can setup your own server with however many cblocks you require for more extensive webmailing requirements, but that will be negotiated as a special package only."

This help you out? It turns out, even though I've done this before of course, that it's insanely impossible to think of every single piece of information that everyone might need to know in the very first post in a sales thread, haha.

Thanks! Bedtime now, night night all.
Please ask your questions here in this thread instead of by PM, ok? It helps everyone else when you do so.

Latest question was...

Q. how much proxies would i need to post 200,000 backlinks a day? realistically speaking i wouldnt post about 200,000 backlinks but somewhere between 50,000 to 100,000 daily max maybe

A. Mostly depends on how much bandwidth is being pulled I guess but 200k links in a day is 139 links per minute so more than 1 per second. So I would think at an absolute minimum that would be a 20 IP Pack but possibly a 50 or 100 IP Pack might be better suited to try and keep the banning of the proxies down.

Wanna ask if you can make proxies with username/pass not stick to IP? My IP often change IP so it won't work. Please let me know
Wanna ask if you can make proxies with username/pass not stick to IP? My IP often change IP so it won't work. Please let me know

No, but we actually have something even better that still allows you to use our proxies without having to have a username and password.

Automated IP UPdate System: We have an automated updater system that will refresh your members area page in the VIP area every 30 seconds and check if you have a new IP or not and if you do it automatically detects it and then changes your new IP in the allow list and automatically restarts your proxy configuration. This normally takes less than a second and your proxies are immediately usable again.

While this is running you just have to leave that page open constantly so it can update. It is probably best practice to open the page by itself in another new browser window as you can't go between different Tabs awhile this is going on. It doesn't have to remain on top though once it's open.

There are more detailed instructions inside the VIP area to make it easier for you.

Hope this helps!
Do I have to email you about that or this is standard set up ?
One more question coz I read last posts but couldn't find the answer.
Can I change proxies once I paid for 1 month ? If one of my 10 proxies would be banned / stop working or whatever - can I change it to new one ?

Thanks for help.
Do I have to email you about that or this is standard set up ?
One more question coz I read last posts but couldn't find the answer.
Can I change proxies once I paid for 1 month ? If one of my 10 proxies would be banned / stop working or whatever - can I change it to new one ?

Thanks for help.

The Automated Updater is our standard setup, we planned for it long ago.

As to proxy replacement, so long as it's not because you were abusing the proxy (proxies) by using it too many times per service as per the table provided above and also at http://www.ipfreelyproxies.net/proxies.php . But if it IS because of abuse, from checking your log files, then we would seriously consider terminating your transaction with no refund because we value ALL of our clients and can't put anyone at risk by one clients actions, ok? We also allow clients to change their proxies monthly if they wish once they have renewed their subscription payment, but if their proxies are working fine then there probably isn't any need to.

So long as that's understood we can work together happily.


the price is too high

I'm afraid I would have to disagree. I did a lot of research on prices and deliberately made my prices extremely competitive for what they are.

Am I more expensive than shared proxies or public proxies repackaged and pretending to be more elite than they actually are, then yes, yes I am more expensive.

Am I more expensive than equivalent elite highly anonymous private proxy services? NO!

I'm terribly sorry to have to inform you of this but my proxies are significantly less expensive than any of my competitors.

So unfortunately I think you're misinformed and are comparing apples with watermelons.
Just got some proxies and must say they are great and so is the price, thanks!
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