IP Rotating script for SMTP ISP email address validator

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    Hi guys,

    Posted this in the wrong forum Blackhat SEO so I'm posting it here where it really belongs. Hope someone can help me out.

    I'm new to this forum and wanted to post a problem I've been wrestling with for about three weeks now. I'm hoping someone here has some background with servers, networking, and can point me in the right direction. What I have is a CentOS Server with a main IP and a bunch of other IP's I've bought on it. What I'm trying to do is setup a way to rotate the IP I'm coming from, so the ISP sees me as the one of the other IP's, not just the main IP. So far I've had no luck.
    It may not be helpful but this is the relevant code I've used to try to get the job done in PHP.

    //Start Rotating IP Chain
     $ipchain = array('','','192.255.   161.252','','','192.12   9.254.238','','','198.44.   75.214','');
            ipaddress =$ipchain[$ct];
            $system_<= 'echo "Newpass1" | sudo -S  /usr/local/cpanel/bin/setsiteip -u things2know '. $ipaddress . '  1>> setsiteip_output.txt 2>> setsiteip_error.txt &';
    I basically have an SMTP program that creates a socket on Port 25 and contacts ISP's to determine whether or not an email address is valid. What I would like to be able to do is to rotate the IP it looks like I'm coming from for every say 25 hits to the ISP. While this does change the site IP, it doesn't change the base IP it looks like I'm coming from. So even if it does execute and change to say, the ISP still says HELO, the base IP. My ultimate goal is to keep the IP from getting banned for too much traffic from any one IP. It doesn't actually deliver any email though, just test's the validity of the email address and hangs up. But ISP's catch onto this ISP tickling or extra noise on their mail servers. So far, I've only had actual problems with at&t and hotmail so I throttle them heavily.

    I have sought out help on stackoverflowDOTcom, a well known programmer's forum and have been told this can't be done programmatically. That it needs to be done with IP ROUTE ADD and that you can get the current route info with ROUTE -n.

    Does anyone here have the networking knowledge to point me to a IP rotating script?
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    They have to be static ! so you have to use route add command ;)
    This is why you see your base IP !