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Jun 14, 2010
I was wondering if someone knew of a service that offers proxies, cookie deletion, history clear and user agent masking. And allows for API?
We are beta testing our dsl proxy service which may be the solution you are looking for. It works like a proxy but it give u unlimited ips. PM me or see my sales thread.
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For proxies, the best I've known that is free is TOR.
Gives you a socks proxy with multiple hops, so anonymity is close to guaranteed.

Sometimes it does connect you to a slow proxy though, when this happens, just restart TOR until you get a good one.
Hello, I am new here and not sure if this is the right category to post, and need a bit of help with posting ads...I post on Kijiji, but they only allow a lister to post in one location, and my business covers multiple locations...did it anyway with one address, all my ads got yanked...so then I tried multiple addresses, those, too got yanked, since they track I P addresses...not sure what to do, now...I was on HideMyAss, for the I P hiding stuff, but someone told me to come here because my problem was less proxy related...

I really want a solution, as I am losing advertising while I "wait for a response" from customer service that may never come, based on what I read on Kijiji's boards, and I don't want to get banned for posting, then I'd really be in a pickle!

Oh, and if you can explain in simple terms, that would be better, though hubby can translate computer speak if I don't really understand.
im wondering if anyone has written any special iphone cloaks?
im runnin a vpn on my iphone through strongvpn- pretty quick.
any apps out on cydia that can help me be a *****??
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