Inviting FOF Without Email Address To Fanpage? HOW Did This Happen?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by allfacebook, May 24, 2013.

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    So, I was going about my business on Facebook- When some random person invited me to a fan page. It stated "So-So (friends with your friend) has invited you to like her page "page name". How is this possible? :hmmm:

    In other words, this woman sent me a notification to like her page, she is NOT friends with me (obvious spam acct), IS friends with one of my friends, and DOES NOT have access to my email address.

    I CAN provide the link to both her account and fanpage as well.

    I've looked around, played with my fan page to see if there was a way to do it.... Hounded Google AND this forum...

    Nothing. Does anyone know how to do this? Or is it some new loophole this person got into?

    I don't know how many of you know about this. But if someone does figure this out, I'd love to be able to use this for my own personal community on Facebook. I don't use FB for marketing purposes anymore unfortunately- but it is good for a legit community! Perhaps this is why I can't figure this thing out LOL.

    I can compensate if someone teaches me how to do this for small scale personal use.