Inviting contest sponsors(Brand Popularity to Newbie Bloggers Assured)

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    The title says it all.

    It has already around 150 active members in a short period of time and 250+ unique visitors everyday.It's growing day by day and Now I would like to organize a Mutual benefit contest in the forum.

    For me,It's forum Popularity,members etc.
    For you it's Brand Publicity,Sales and Lifelong preference in the forum no matter how big it grows.

    How will this contest run?
    Each user must share the contest to his facebook wall,
    Write why does he need the software/service/product in the contest thread.
    This way,No doubt it will become viral and each contest runs for 7 days.

    So,You can expect maximum exposure and I am sure about it.Further I have a facebook blogging group with 950 members.All of them are bloggers and your contest will be advertised there.

    I have my own idea of making the contest viral,Hence brand popularity and reach to those people who never knew about your product is assured.

    What Products are Allowed?
    My initial target is to bring in so many bloggers to the forum.So I would like any product useful for them.

    If you like to run this contest yourself,You are welcome.

    We will run each contest separate,Hence No need to worry about other products/services.

    Note: Contests runs between January 1,2012 to January 7,2012.

    Advance Happy New year 2012 to BHW family.
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