invites for new Social Network/Affiliate that could be a nice little sideline for you all

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    Just wanted to offer you all an invite for the latest Social Network site
    on it you get 5 different profiles; business, family, friends, blogging, and dating. You choose who sees what when you post comments or pictures. That's real privacy. Not to mention you get full access to facebook, myspace, youtube, linkedin, ebay, msn, banking sites, and much more all from this one website.

    You also get to shop through the site at hundreds of top shopping sites including expedia,, best buy, target, overstock and many more and get up to 20% cashback just for shopping through yournight and you can earn money for referring your friends, then you get to earn not just commission for signing them up but also a commission for everything they buy through the site too. You get 1% of everything they buy if you are a basic member and 2.5% if you are a gold member(costs $10). And when your referrals upgrade to gold you get paid $2 a month every month per user. You also get a commission for the people that your referrals sign-up and so on.

    The site is still in beta and you need an invite to join at the moment, but once you have signed-up you can start inviting as many people as you like and the more you sign up the more you earn. Some of the features are not quite active at present but will be coming online this month, but it would be a good idea to start signing up people now while it is still in beta as they recon this site is going to be pretty big.

    You don?t need to be a genius to realize that this could make a nice little sideline and the people who sign-up first will probably be the ones who do the best out of this. Its just like getting paid to face book.

    YourNight is currently building a bonus system that will award top producing Gold Members with Bonuses. Top producing simply means the Gold Members that have referred the most Gold Members personally and through a referral network. There will be benchmarks set that each member will have an opportunity to reach. subject to change We will notify the entire member base when these bonuses have become available Bonuses will Include
    -High Tech Electronics
    -Travel Packages
    -Benefit Packages / Allowances

    Sign-up now using this link:
    If you are asked who invited you just give my name John Barrett and click submit.

    You can give this link to all your friends to sign-up too if you like. If this site does go on to do well then by signing up now you could do well too, it is totally free to sign-up or you can upgrade to gold member for $10. If it does bomb then it won?t have cost you sod all anyway, nothing to lose and everything to gain really. Even if you just want to sign-up and then wait to see if it does take off, the earlier you sign the better.

    Good luck and make the most of it.