invite more than 50 friends to a game or an app BYPASS

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    Aug 15, 2011
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    Hi guys,

    lately i've tried to promote a friend's game.
    i have something like 2000 friends on my account, and i've tried to invite them to his game. so, i took one of the invite all friends scripts for the web (actually i made a new one by my self, but that's not the point), and tried to invite all of my friends... this is what i did:

    1. went to the game and opened the invite friends window on a different tab.
    2. injected the javascript: the all friends blah blah code.
    3. waited for the script to finish selecting all of the friends (took him 5-6 second), and pressed the "send invite" button.
    4. than i got an error: "weird server error"... so i tried to select all the friend manually one by one... i figure that facebook let you send only 50 invites to i did this... and monitored the invites with another dummy account that i invited him also to the game.
    5. the first 50 invites that i've sent manually worked well. than i've tried to send to other 50 friends an invite (again manually - just for testing), and the server returned error again... BUT....
    6. when i tried again to send to another 49 (not 50) other friends it worked!
    7. then i've tried again to send to different 49 friends...and guess what..."server error", so i tried no to send to 48,47,46,45,44,43,42,41,40 friends and all i'm getting is an error message from the server... BUT when i tried to send to 29 friends it worked!
    anyway i got the impression that facebook got some server side protection from sending a lot of invites... 50 then 40 then 30 then 20 then 10 and so on... anyone here did a research to this subject?!

    i'll be happy to hear about some new tricks how to invite all friends to games...