Invite friends to like page with hundreds profile

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by jopagi, Jan 25, 2017.

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    Hello, i've a project in my mind and i need some advice to start from someone with mayor experience:

    I've got a person who run about 50 fb accounts (manually) with 3500/4000 friends and use profiles to invite friends to like fanpages daily with facebook social toolkit.

    He has many problem in the last time since Facebook has started to ban his account asking for documents verification, i believe that this i due the IP's more than the facebook invite request.

    Since i want to expand my business i wonder to create a huge database of fb accounts (150/200) geo targeting friends and then use profile to growht fanpages with country target, but my doubt remain about those accounts.

    How many high is the risk that they will be banned and how can avoid that?

    I think to use some tool like the fbpro or massplanner or fbdominator, adding a proxy to each 2 profile, the order concern regard the number of invite that i can send, if i send an invite to all the profile's friend i will probably had the account invite task suspended, so i wonder if there is some tool that allow me to send invite only to a certain amount of friends.