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Investing/Forex/CFDs/Futures/etc. Blog Reviews - I'll show u mine if u Show me yours :-p

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by marketmadness, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. marketmadness

    marketmadness Registered Member

    Mar 28, 2012
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    I'm Looking for some partners in the niches (and closely related) from the title to swap blog reviews with, in a 3-way fashion to avoid footprints or reciprocal linking crap. In other words, if you have more than one site in these niches (as I do) then we can "swap" reviews on each others domain/website of choice, from a related but NOT interlinked 3rd domain/website or reasonable quality/authority.
    I'll try to briefly explain how any one exchange might work.

    1) I am looking for a quality, natural-looking link (brand, url, brand + url, either + partial match, etc. Anything but commercial anchors/exact match basically) on a relevant website. This would be for my "main" or currently most important site. It should absolutely be able to pass a manual review by a google employee. Who writes the content is negotiable, me or you (or outsourced for that matter) so long as the critical criteria described above are met. Quality. Natural Looking. Could pass a manual review.
    2) I also operate other decent quality, REAL (as in monetized, revenue-producing properties where no links have been sold. Real sites where that I try to rank, attract traffic, and then convert that traffic for my affiliate partners. I own NO PBN or Blog Network type sites -- except web 2.0 variety -- only real "money sites"). Theses are the properties/domains I would be linking OUT from to you.

    3) If you think you can meet these criteria described above, then I think I can probably also do the very same for you -- but you (just as I would for my part above) would know ahead of time exactly what the plan was, where the link would be coming from, etc. As far as I can tell this process -- done correctly -- would create for both of us some of the most relevant, highest-quality, trusted/natural backlinks to our respective "most important" sites in the niche(s) in question. A win/win all-around as far as I can see. You, of course, don;t need to be as careful as me about anchor text and other naturalness factors (I will use exact match or commercial KWs for your anchor(s) if you so desire...I just don't recommend it these days).

    Well, I think that's it for the description. Hopefully I did a reasonable job of getting the idea across as I am in serious burnout stage at this moment and this is the last thing I am writing/doing today work wise haha.

    Well, hit me up if you think you too could benefit from a small scale partnership scheme like this to add a couple or few high-quality, high relevance, "natural" backlinks for your good ol' backlink profile. It's not a new concept or anything, just done a little differently/better and specifically for those of us in those investment/speculation finance niches where it can be next to impossible to get truly natural links...(because every site is heavily monetized, and nobody wants to link out to their competition).

  2. niel96

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    Apr 4, 2014
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    Where are you from? I'm interested in JV.