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    A brief introduction....

    I'm a college student with a crazy school schedule( with constantly changing hours and wonky schedules ) that can't get a job a normal college student would. In fact I believe even if I did I couldn't pay the bills. The full story is a little bit longer and more sad but I'm not asking for sympathy...

    Its a pleasure to be here and I hope you guys feel the same way...

    Alternatively, the rest of this post involves me asking for help if you don't want to read the rest feel free to skip it.

    I turned to the internet in hopes to rectify my situation, I'm pretty resourceful when it comes to looking for information on the internet and have solved many a problem by doing so. I didn't even have to bother asking the question if its possible to make money online, since I already knew the answer...

    Unfortunately, all my searching has come up has been IM people selling other people useless IM ebooks( which I know they are through my internet savvy methods )or fragmented information which they could've wrote an ebook and sold it others.

    I don't like to ask questions and find it better to figure out the answers for myself which in other circumstances where I have a luxury of time and money I'd eventually figure it out but I have neither.

    I have no clue on how our where to begin my internet venture, hell I don't even know what I'm looking for anymore I'm not asking for a hand-me-out either just some real help and advice.