Introducing: Craigslist Mail Harvester System

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    Jan 26, 2008
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    Main Features:

    * LowCost-HighlyProductive software for half the price of the competitors
    * Small sized download less than 100kb!
    * No nagging installers, you will get the program, uncompress in a folder you want and run it :)
    * Evolves with Craigslist! When pages/categories/countries/cities are added the system automaticly catch them and it will be displayed in your lists!
    * You can browse for mails through ALL the cities with one selected category!
    * You can browse for mails through ALL the caregories with one selected city!
    * You can save at anytime your progress in a carrier-return separated TEXT file for easy use!
    * You can setup how deep you want to harvest! You know craigslist has for one category many many pages, you can set it to 1 for it to bring just the newest posts or you can place an high number to go through all the category's pages!
    * You can get a Demo for testing purposes, to check out that it really works!

    Visit register in the site its free! to get your own copy today!