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    Hey everyone - been using this fucking fantastic forum for a while now and realized that I never introduced myself!

    I have been doing various forms of internet marketing since 1997. I have always been about doing whatever smart forms of black hat that I can get away with. I wish to fucking hell that I would have really busted my ass back in the day when it was so easy to get page 1 rankings on top terms, there was low competition, and you could just spam the hell out of the search engines with doorway pages and watch the money pour in - I'd be retired now. Instead I was lazy, and rich, and thought this money train would go on forever. Dumb, I know.

    So I'm still going at it. And presently working my ass off, which I do NOT like - I live for passive income...and hope to be making a ton of it again soon using a bunch of the methods recommended in these forums. I am one of those SEO folks that still believes that unique C class IPs are crucial.

    I believe strongly in casting a wide net, documenting the hell out of the different methods you're testing, and never ever having all your eggs in one basket. Try white hat, black hat, and everything in between for different sites. Use adsense. Use alternatives (YPN, etc). Mainstream, adult, whatever. Use tons of different affiliate programs. Create membership sites. And figure out how to automate whatever you can.

    anyhow, nice to meet y'all