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    Hi just wondering is anyone going to the ****** internet seminar in earls court in london on fri 29th, sat 30th and 31st where they will talk about for free:

    How to turn a traditional brick and mortar business into an online business and still be profitable.
    How to create your own product and then sell it online to a sea of potential buyers.
    The secret of selling a product online with zero startup cost and how this is being done by beginners without breaking a sweat.
    How money can also be made from Twitter!
    The precise selling strategies on eBay and how you can maximize the profit without doubling your work behind the computer.
    Identify the right product to sell and find a hot market to sell it to.
    How to make money online without a database of potential buyers or website.
    How to improve your current online business and double or triple the income the simplest way you will never thought of.
    The right way to turn your business into an autopilot system that generates you money while you sleep.

    this is there website
    http://www.****** its free which is good. or click on this link and type in the url it redirects to
    I would just like to know if anyone is going and to write down their expereinces of what they thought of the event
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