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    Jan 24, 2010
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    I'm thinking my first real post is gonna be in the lounge since people in this corner aren't completely daft.

    So I'e been reading a lot of threads here for the last few weeks. And I've tried some of those tacky "earn $100 bucks a day!" methods thinking of it as perhaps not very profitable but a good introduction to IM. But I feel my soul is being replaced with a little spammer spawned from hell yelling BUY THIS BUY THIS BUY THIS I PROMISE I WONT FUCK YOU OVER PLZ HELP ME GET MANY BACON
    Hell I'm no fucking mormon with extraordinary high moral nor principles, but I just feel like I'm doing no good with this...

    I think I'm actually gonna learn some white hat SEO and start a real website actually selling a working product (It seems as if this is the last thing people wanna do here)

    Oh and to have something to discuss: Do you think IM/blackhat attracts certain kinds of people?? Does it require that you don't really give a damn about culture or moral?