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    Alright, here goes....

    My client is having some serious internet reputation management problems. One of our keyword phrases was not monitored or protected. So, I am playing catch up. I just got done forking out over 100$ on payperpost. I figured maybe some of my fellow bhw members wanted to earn some extra cash. I'll take first 5 comers. I don't even want a back link and I'll give you the content to post on your high ranking blog or website.


    Comments need to be closed on this post on your blog.
    Post must stay there for at least 90 days.
    Keyword phrase must be in the title, description, body, and URL.
    Keyword phrase is never to be mentioned on this thread.
    You must have privacy on your domain. (Nothing Illegal, I just doubt you want angry people contacting you.)

    Bonus: Odds are you will get some traffic if you mention this keyword phrase so you might as well monetize it.

    Pay rate

    10$ for PR4 post
    15$ for pr5 post
    20$ for pr6 post

    Please pm me with your URL and paypal ID if you are interested and I will let you know if I approve your blog or website and I will send payment immediately.

    First 5 comers unless I post an update stating I will take more.