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    I have a buddy of mine that has an internet radio station in California, LA listeners are mostly alternative he want's to have people send their demos and if they are good play them on the station, the fee to play the demo 3 times is 10 plus a 5 dollar handling fee total 15 if the song is good it gets played 3 min or more times on the one of his shows the station averages any were from 14,000 listeners to 20,000 depending on the time of the day, the station has exposure to nbc cbs disney listeners and the station is link with the chamber or commerce, since he is just down the block from the studios, I see this as a big opportunity to make some cash, I have two questions

    1 is the fee to low or just right
    2 other than the usual craigs and commercials, you tube what other forms of advertising should I use and any ideas on how to collect the mula? website to paypal and send in the demo and info via mp3?

    Any one would like to do a JV and anything you collect over 20 bucks is yours?

    open for Ideas
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