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    Sell. Yourself. Net-15, Net-30, Net-45. Paypal. Blackhat & Whitehat.

    Brainstorm...Half-Baked and Undercooked ideas....Think outside the box...

    These are terms & things that alot of us know. But do you know what you are getting into? I am not here to discourage you at all.

    I did blackhat & a little whitehat for a couple of months now. I'm not a noob at it either. Had products...some of them were downright useless to the generation of internet marketing we are in now. Selling products that you know without a shadow of a doubt, is not intended to work the way you presented it in your sales copy. Golden promises with those fun edited paypal screenshots with major cash. A low percentage of them are actually real. I've been guilty of doing it and having my visitors convert really well because of it.


    - Silence -

    Blackhat. You have to be ready for long nights, dead ends, scammers, disappointment, regret, ebook's with unfinished money making method's. The tens and thousands of dollar promises you see on the sales pages will take HARD ASS WORK, dedication, and superior intelligence to obtain and maintain.

    Sure you can "OBTAIN" but can you "MAINTAIN"?

    You have to constantly evolve with the times of internet marketing. What may be hot now may not be hot a week later. There are no time for breaks. Stuffers rejoicing over cash that isn't even in their pockets yet, usually gets stuffed and dicked by the affiliate company they are stuffing. If you were making mad cash off of something would you tell someone about it? HELL TO THE FUCK NO.

    There is no GOLDEN WAY. I get too many chats from people asking me what I do. I went back to school and now I am a patient care aide, and that may not be for everyone. The world is a cruel place, especially now. So don't kill me for saying so. But STAY IN SCHOOL. So you can at least have some paper to fall back on.

    You may like doing all this blackhat stuff now but it's not gonna be fun when you aren't seeing the progress and earnings that you expected and/or wanted. If you do really enjoy it and it causes you no stress; it's because you are subconsciously blinding yourself of how stressful it is.

    I really believe the best way to enjoy your life as an internet marketer or market on the internet is to:

    - Start on youtube making videos and branding yourself as an internet marketer. Come up with a good and likable public image for yourself. Make a name for yourself that people can trust.

    - Build an email list full of hungry internet marketers. You can do this with landing pages with free hyped up plr material. Getting in safelists and things of that nature.

    - Make GREAT products and information. Don't overprice your stuff either.

    - Blast the products and sales letters out to your email list.

    - Make a main site with your marketer name and have the site filled with all of your products. Get some seo done to it.

    - Some people can launch their success with spending little to no investment in their internet business. Such as graphics, website, domain, email blasts. But if that isn't you...don't expect to make alot without spending anything at all.

    - Don't stop. If you see that it's not working well then tweak it, get criticism on it and keep tweaking little by little until its perfect. If there is a product that you think is very good and it's not doing too many sales. By all means REBRAND IT. It probably did bad because of the sucky name.

    The only way to earn money is through Ecommerce like PAYPAL or an Affiliate Network. Personally that is scary because they have no laws whatsoever. Playing by the rules can get you dicked and not playing by them can get you dicked also.

    In all good faith. Keep doing what you do. I hope you break through the surface. I don't want any of you drowning.
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    Nice motivational thread... loved it..
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    Nice bump mate, one of the finest I have seen in a good while. Last time I seen a bump this good and well thought out was back in the good old days of 2009.
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