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Internet marketing introduction

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by tssen, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. tssen

    tssen Junior Member

    Jun 28, 2009
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    OK soooo you no its snowing where i am and i cant go anywhere. I just had a massive day today. Like this year has been great for me so far i love january and its been great.

    But today i was just angry because of some stuff (you no women) and i started writing some lines. At first they were ok then my friends who raps and shit fukn love wat i wrote out. So i was sitting here bored and decided to write one out to beginners in IM (why ??? DONT FUKIN ASK).

    Don't tell me to get a life because i got a fukn life and its insane, 20 and partying my life away now and i make great bank online.

    Im not good in giving advice on shit to do so i just wrote this out for u guys who are starting IM and hopefully my advice here will give you guys a push.


    Internet marketing
    If your new to internet marketing heres your introduction

    Making thousands online is defintely an attraction
    but please listen to this cause i need your attention
    dont believe in easy money through the net, thats just an infection
    I know its hard to start and theres never any direction
    you need to keep trial and error to find that solution
    i promise if you give up u'll never find that ignition
    please listen to me and dont follow assumptions

    I started out on the road to redemption
    Never wanting a job, i was full built corruption
    I got scammed by google biz and now this is my passion
    All i needed to do was take action

    Starting article marketing but soon found out it was just a fraction
    of something larger that soon grabbed my attention
    Starting officially banking with ppc adoption
    this was my cure, this was my potion

    Now im looking for a bigger faction
    media buying is where i want to continue my education
    this is like my arm, its my extention
    Making millions a year can seem like a new dimension
    but thats my goal for 2010 if i did not mention
    Its my year to shine and now im on a mission

    I've heard it all when no one believes in your ambitions
    when they laugh and tell you to go look hard in your reflection
    but trust me on this internet marketing can be pure devine intervention
    in 2010 i've blown my friends and family out of the water with an atomic explosion

    I know how it feels to have nothing praying that someone threw you a ration
    but listen to my words dont depend on anyone cause thats just fiction
    stop putting things off and looking for disruptions
    just work a bit harder, read a bit more and you'll start the production

    Im just a crazy magician
    aiming to build my business to perfection
    aiming for recognition
    aiming to achieve all of my ambitions...


    Dont ask guys. ;)
  2. danizdeman

    danizdeman Regular Member

    Sep 29, 2009
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    is amis*h sha*h media buys good to start off with?