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    Apr 16, 2012
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    I'm pretty new to the world of IM, SEO, Web Design, Affilates etc, Around 5 months now I've been reading testing, trying to learn.

    I brought a Gaming Niche site, built some content up slowing, built some back links, built loads of social media presence, videos, facebook, youtube and more, article submissions, links from wiki and now around 3 months after starting my site is a PR2 with the following

    Over the past month I've had Unique Visitors: 567 so still pretty small, around 18 unique visitors per day, but I'm ok with that this is mainly a test site, gaming is not a great niche to make money for a newb like me.

    of my visitors are from Search Traffic so I'm quite happy with my SEO and Linkbuilding.

    On all my pages I have an affilate link, at the end of the article I basically have a button to "buy games" and a side bar affiliate box.

    For the past month my affilate stats are 672 impressions 4 clicks 0 purchased

    At the moment this is all a learning curve to me, Id like to learn from my mistakes, any ideas what I could do to improve here?

    I obviously need more traffic to this site and perhaps optimise it more?