Internet Marketing for .de Companies = Neuland

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    Sometimes, when I get bored with watching my affiliate sites grow and rise in #, I just write some resumes to some .de companies.

    Most time, it really cracks me up doing phone interviews with them. Once I even had a word fight with some female "whatever" manager ;)

    But this rare case, even that made my head shook...

    So, there was this "old company", doing like 30 Million a year..

    They had like NEVER did ANYTHING "online marketing related". never! no adwords, no seo, not even content.

    I even asked them "how do you get leads?"

    Their .com has the "SEO Power" of one of nargils 20$ expired domains (not to discredit him in anyway).

    I had some first talk. sales manager wanted the .com to get "beefed up" = more visitors and more leads.

    Took out ahrefs, showed them their competition, which I think they saw for the first time in all those years... (Competition is like 10$ expired tumblr domain btw...)

    Showed them related keywords, which were like "20 searches a month or so".. and none of them their site even ranked <#50 ...

    A few weeks later, they phoned and said "well, full time sallary, not possible. but freelancing as a project, that might work"...

    we would need this:"

    New Leads
    Cross selling to exisitng clients
    (and some task I myself did not comprehend at all)...


    They wanted the 60 minute pep talk, flashy 9 yard sales presentation with powerpoint shabang..

    I declined.

    Like some duded here from BHW said "dont talk with morrons". I add: dont work with them. Sure I wont be the scapegoard to blame some "failed only marketing past onto.."