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    I am new to Internet marketing and since I have started I have heard countless new acronyms. I think it would be easier if there was a list of acronyms as you may be new, or you just can't remember them. I personally would find it useful if there was a list somewhere to refer to. I had a quick search to see if someone has posted something like this, couldn't find anything so here goes.

    PPC - Pay Per Click
    CPA - Cost Per action
    CPC - Cost Per click
    CL - Craigslist
    PVA - Phone Verified Account
    IM - Internet Marketing
    CPM - Cost Per Mille (Thousand)
    eCPM - Effective Cost Per Mille (Thousand)
    EPC - Earning Per Click
    SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
    SEA - Search Engine Advertising
    SEM - Search Engine Marketing
    SEP - Search Engine Positioning
    UV - Unique Visitor

    I know the above is not a complete list, and I hope to add more when I learn more. :)

    Or if you're really smart and already know some that I haven't added just post here.

    Hope this is useful to you.

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