Internet Job Scam?

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    I received an excited call from my mother this evening regarding a "job" that her friend and her son recently took up, which they found online. My mum is all excited because she wants to get in on the "job opportunity" because her friend and her son are making cash. All you need is an Internet connection apparently..

    My mum is the type of idiot that thinks she will one day get her Myer $500 shopping voucher (she always filling out some fucking cpa offer). Her friends are even more feeble minded.

    Anyway, this is how it works.

    The company is based overseas and they're looking to expand into Australia selling electronic equipment (laptops, iphones etc).

    The mother and son tell the overseas business what items they want (huge alarm) and the person ships the items directly to their house, they sell the items on ebay and then paypal a percentage back to the business owner.

    I'm assuming the scam here is that the person is carding the goods, shipping them from the company he purchased them from to my mothers friends house. This way, he never has to ship the goods to his own address yet gets paid by these people through paypal after they sell the items.

    Anyway, I've told my mother not to get involved but her friends have her convinced it's a legitimate business. They're making an extra couple hundred per week and it all sounds on the up and up right?

    I'm assuming within a couple of weeks or months the police will come knocking on their door. They're left holding the bag while the guy who is overseas can't be touched and has a nice portion of the proceeds.
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    Can you find out more information about this company?

    Contact some other people there and ask about this "program."
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    Google "Money Mule Scam"
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    lol, chris hansen (to catch a predator) did a special on this exact method.

    it was even australia.

    a fool and his money...
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