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Internet and Offline Marketers - GoldMine For You - Check Inside

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by vinayamb25, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. vinayamb25

    vinayamb25 Registered Member

    Nov 14, 2010
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    First of all, I apologise for the WSO type Title.
    But still, as cliché as it sounds, the information I am going to share with you guys is NOT less than finding a Goldmine. - Trust Me.

    Have you guys every heard of Event based Marketing, ofcourse not as Its not a real term.
    But how would you feel, if you (Internet and Offline Marketers) can leverage each and every event or what we call "Day" (For example, Dog bite day, Dentist day, Tampons Day etc etc) ?

    Let me make myself clear.

    For Offliners - What if you have information about say International Orthopedic Nurse’s Day or National Sandwich Day or thousands of other ideas which you may relate to your target market of Orthopaedics or sanchwich shops or others when creating a marketing campaign for them ?

    For Onliners - Well you guys sell everything on internet, from a paper-pin to computers to ladies purses. What if you get to know about every detail about your niche market like when was the Bra patented, seriously it was patented on 13 Nov 1914 in America. So if you are selling bras on internet and you have this information months before the actual day, you can create an awesome campaign using this.

    I hope you have a clear picture by now what I am implying from this worst salespage of the history with obscene examples.

    In simple words, I am going to share with you a list of events for each upcoming month which can be very very helpful if used and implemented appropriately.

    Interested ???
    Check out the next post. ;)

    P.S. I dont guarantee the accuracy of the dates of these events but still you would get an idea about the event from it and you are more than welcome to do a due diligence before using it in your campaigns.
    Now, I will be sharing this information from a package which I bought but I cant post it directly as it would end up in other forums. I am guessing this approach will be more effective and the category in which I have posted this thread is most appropriate as per my thoughts, if not, then Mods please relocate this thread. - Thanks

    and Thank you all for reading.
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  2. vinayamb25

    vinayamb25 Registered Member

    Nov 14, 2010
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    February 20th 2012 to March 20th 2012

    Mon, Feb 20 - International Pancake Day / Toothpick Patented / President's Day / Family Day

    Tue, Feb 21 - International Mother Language Day / National Sticky Bun Day / 1st Telephone Book
    issued / Malcolm X assassinated at age 39 (1965) / Mardi Gras

    Wed, Feb 22 - Washington's Birthday / World Thinking Day / Be Humble Day / Woolworths 1st opens
    (1879) / 1st Color Photo Taken (1890) / Pop Artist Andy Warhol dies at 58 (1987) / Ash

    Thu, Feb 23 - Curling is Cool Day / National Chili Day / Banana Bread Day / Tootsie Roll introduced

    Fri, Feb 24 - Open That Bottle Day / National Artist Day (Thailand) / National Mexico Flag Day

    Sat, Feb 25 - Quiet Day / People Power Day (Philippines) / Samuel Colt patents the revolver (1836)

    Sun, Feb 26 - For Pete?s Sake Day / Grand Canyon declared National Park / Johnny Cash (1932) &
    Jackie Gleason (1916) B-day?s

    Mon, Feb 27 - Inconvenience Yourself Day / International Polar Bear Day / Women?s Right to Vote
    Day/ US Black Churches Day / National Read Your Warranty Day

    Tue, Feb 28 - Floral Design Day / National Tooth Fairy Day / Salem Witch hunts begins (1692)

    Wed, Feb 29 - Surf and Turf Day

    March 2012

    Monthly Events:

    International Idea?s Month
    National Social Worker?s Month
    National Craft Month
    National Frozen Food Month
    National Caffeine Awareness Month
    National Noodle Month
    National Nutritional Month
    American Red Cross Month
    Music in our Schools Month
    Woman's History Month
    Youth Art Month
    Optimism Month
    Spiritual Awareness Month
    Irish-American Month
    Youth Science Month
    Humorists Are Artists Month
    Peanut Month
    National Bed Month

    Weekly Events:

    First Week: Read an E-Book Week / American Camping Week /Canada Pharmacy Awareness Week / Lutheran Schools
    Week / Sherlock Holmes Week / Pet Sitters Week

    Second Week: Bubble Gum Week / Chocolate Week / Girl Scout Week / Crochet Week / Procrastination Week /
    Endometriosis Awareness Week / Fair Trade Week / National Science Week

    Third Week: National Wildlife Week / National Sports Trivia Week / National Spring Fever Week / Poison Prevention
    Week / Lavendar Week / National Obesity Awarness Week / Tree Love Care Week

    Fourth Week: Art Week / Clean Your Closet Week / Egg Salad Week

    Other days to consider:

    First Day of Spring (Hardware, Gardening & Renovations)
    Academy Awards (Oscars)
    March Madness (NCAA Basketball)

    Thu, Mar 1 - Be Positive ? Do Something Day / Self-Injury Awareness Day / Peanut Butter Lover?s
    Day / National Pig Day / Beer Day (Iceland ? in 1989 beer was allowed again)

    Fri, Mar 2 - National Reading Day / Old Stuff Day / World Book Day / Dr. Seuss?s B-day (1904) /
    ?Time? magazine debuted (1923) / Silly Putty invented (1950)

    Sat, Mar 3 - Bonza Bottler Day / I Want You to be Happy Day/ Doll Festival (Japan) / National
    Doodle Day/ Alexander Graham Bell?s B-day (1847)

    Sun, Mar 4 - World Math?s Day / Unique Names Day / International Scrapbooking Day / Courageous
    Follower Day / Holy Experiment Day / National Pound Cake Day

    Mon, Mar 5 - Mother-in-law?s Day / Multiple Personalities Day / National Salesperson Day / Parachute
    Invented / Patsy Cline dies in plane crash at age 30 (1963)

    Tue, Mar 6 - Dentist?s Day / 1st time Oreo Cookies for sale (1912) / Walter Cronkite signs off CBS
    evening news for last time (1981)

    Wed, Mar 7 - World Day of Prayer / Middle Name Pride Day / Lassie?s B-day / Monopoly Invented

    Thu, Mar 8 - Fat Tuesday / International Woman?s Day / Genealogy Day / No Smoking Day / World?s
    1st game of snooker (1875 ? India)

    Fri, Mar 9 - Cabin Fever Day / Panic Day / Get Over It Day / Barbie 1st introduced (1959)

    Sat, Mar 10 - Salvation Army Day / Organize Your Home Office Day / 1st Paper Money Issued

    Sun, Mar 11 - Check Your Batteries Day / Johnny Appleseed Day / World?s 1st Theatrical Striptease
    (Paris) / Daylight Savings Time Begins (US/Canada)

    Mon, Mar 12 - Plant a Flower Day / National Baked Scallop Day / NHL Gordie Howie retires after 26
    seasons (1972) / Commonwealth Day

    Tue, Mar 13 - Good Samaritan Day / Uncle Sam debuts as a cartoon (1852)

    Wed, Mar 14 - Save A Spider Day / International Ask a Question Day / National Potato Chip Day /
    Albert Einstein?s B-Day

    Thu, Mar 15 - Everything You Think is Wrong Day / Act Happy Day / True Confession?s Day / Ides of
    March / Escalator Patented (1892) / Chatrooms debut on Internet (1974)

    Fri, Mar 16 - Everything You Do is Right Day / Absolutely Incredible Kid Day / Freedom of
    Information Day / National Hiccup Day / Jerry Lewis?s B-day

    Sat, Mar 17 - St. Patrick's Day / National Common Courtesy Day / National Boxers & Muay Thai
    Day / Rubber Band Invented (1845)

    Sun, Mar 18 - World Storytelling Day* / Awkward Moment?s Day / Pillsbury Doughboy?s & Sparky the
    Fire Dog?s B-day?s

    Mon, Mar 19 - Act Happy Day / St. Joseph?s Day / Swallow?s Return Day/ National Chocolate Carmel
    Cake Day / Marshal Wyatt Earp?s B-day

    Tue, Mar 20 - Festival of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day / Companies that Care Day / Big Bird?s B-day
    / Spring Equinox
  3. oxonbeef

    oxonbeef BANNED BANNED

    Jan 4, 2009
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    No, never heard of it, I wonder if the guys marketing on facebook have.
    Shhhh! They'll all be creating Events.
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  4. vinayamb25

    vinayamb25 Registered Member

    Nov 14, 2010
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    well you just added a gem yourself.

    Guys make facebook events. - Thanks to almighty oxonbeef. ;)