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International Students: New Zealand

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Vishwasd, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Jan 1, 2014
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    List below shows the Top 15 Schools for Global Ranking published by Financial Times 2011. Very similar was the list by Forbes in 2012.
    London Business School
    INSEAD (France)
    Hong Kong UST
    IE Business School (Spain)
    IESE Business Scholl (Spain)
    Indian Institute of Management
    Indian School of Business
    IMD (Switzerland)

    The question is, why am I sharing this information with you? Well, I am unaware how useful this data would be for you personally. If you or acquaintances are pursuing further education, post-graduation or similar then, please continue to read, or archive it to read later.
    I suggest, have it handy and you may have an opportunity to guide and / or rescue young lives in coming days. Sure, I am!

    Arrives the new calendar year, bells will very soon ring for new academic year. Schools, Colleges and Universities will be gearing up for new students and challenges.

    The private colleges offering professional courses up to NCEA Level 5 or Level 7 will jump into competition with each other, the rat race must have begun a while ago to seize the opportunity and enroll maximum overseas students.

    Who these colleges are, do they really equip students for professional challenges, and will they sustain global demands and adversities? Is their product robust enough to tackle the economic challenges which are currently on? Do they meet dynamic international expectations of at workplace?

    Many more are the questions and answers are not known to anyone, absolutely no one knows.

    The bunch of wealthy investors, education has never been their motive and they know, this wise investment will get multiplied quickly. Only thing required is, they need to place traps at correct time and location.

    Had they been genuine educators or social reformers their contribution would have been more visible in the welfare activity for students, their placements etc. However, once they are hooked and fees are paid the relation spontaneously enters into professional contract and no personal favors are offered, which is the necessity for newly arrived learner.

    This is the first and welcome point of punishing life.

    A daunting question is now an anxiety that, why do students arrive here. The leading immigration consultants and marketing managers of colleges visit India frequently, conduct seminars in star graded hotels to attract young students with promising pictures and well-resourced future.

    Reciprocation is the need and is just about instantaneous, due to influenced lifestyle of visiting NRIs, their easy and excessive spending. The mental preparation out of strong desire or (unhealthy) competition with other community fellows makes their job easy. What is remaining now is to plate this cooked recipe, garnish and serve. In other words, pocket the money.

    May not be that easy because many are engaged in fierce competition, waiting for the big catch in their nets. However, everybody gets their share at the end of process.

    The fresh trend is in air with choice of living in New Zealand and making it as home. Perhaps other countries have forced new regulations forcing to look at other options.

    Study-Work Permit- PR-Nationality is the cycle and is easily achievable is the encouraging promise made by the seminar holders. Young and old get imprisoned in dream/illusion and simply get ready to vessel out their teenaged boy or girl.

    On arrival the condition looks extremely pleasant. Proud feeling of being an international student. They update their online profile, upload photos and express the happiness to family and friends back home.

    Slowly that enthusiasm diminishes and why not, what factors are there which will keep their energy and vigor going. The lush green mountains, refreshing sea water, breeze, pure air are not sufficient enough for your survival. Will it earn your meal or feed you?

    As a security major NZIS compels to have sufficient funds in bank account, so that problems are minimized. This is an indication that majority of the students who prefer coming here are from affluent background, unless they have been awarded overseas education by any NGO.

    If not they insist on selling piece of property-owning and fill the bank accounts of Colleges-Immigration Consultants and chase their dream. Why so desperate? Question remains unanswered.

    Moving on, the course duration and permission to work for 20 hours per week, life sounds melodious. What next, do they get the permit to work, yes they do Full time job in the desired field? May be-Yes-No. Only uncertainty.

    Second and third step emerges much sooner than expected with fear of turning everything into fiasco and possibility of departure slowly pops up.
    The determination, humiliation, reputation back home forms a new combination and new frantic attempts to put up with begin.

    Re-admission, consultation with local immigration lawyer, acceptance of unprecedented methods of surviving becomes the necessity. I have heard many horror realities, which I do not intend to mention here.

    As per the information from Statistics New Zealand, the rate of unemployment rate is average 17.34% for the age group 15 to 29. This in my opinion is the prime age in anyone?s work life.
    I sincerely feel, young age should not be misled. It must get the direction that will help them to grow and contribute towards society. Additionally, the list which I mentioned earlier does not include a single college from New Zealand.

    The need is for Strict Measure and or better filtering process. The pointless pursuit and agony must stop!!

    -Vishwas Deshpande
    Thursday, January 02, 2014, Auckland, New Zealand.