International Attorney Targeted Contacts & High End Fashion Niche Contacts

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    I will try to keep this as brief as possible.

    My day jobs allow me to have access to a LOT of targeted contacts in two very specific industries, spanning many different companies, many high profile law firms. My jobs allow me a Username and Password which gives me access to the company's Global Address List, and more if you dig deep enough.

    This post is to find the person that would know best how to monetize this. Unfortunately working 80 hours a week, I am limited as to how much time I can devote to a project like this. What I can do is build scripts to mine the needed emails and information. As to the method, I would love to hear some good suggestions. If preferable, we may be able to make this a two man team effort. Feel free to message me for more information. I will not mention client company names however.