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    JustWatch is a new international movie marketing startup based in Berlin, founded in October 2014 by an experienced and successful team with world class knowlegde in marketing, product and AdTech.

    Our vision is to connect movie fans with their favourite content worldwide.

    What we do:

    We are building a search engine for online streaming - so you can find out where to watch movies and tv-shows legally on providers like Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes.
    Our business model is to help movie studios advertise to the right audience. Therefore we are building a fully integrated AdTech stack to be able to target those fans. Our goal is to make movie marketing a lot more efficient for advertisers and a lot less annoying and more valuable for users. Starting first in the USA, Germany and Brazil we plan a fast international rollout.

    We are looking for talents who want to learn all about SEO, SEA, Online and Mobile Marketing and how to build and scale an international startup.

    Curiosity, drive and passion are the core ingredients we are looking for. We only want people who are willing to constantly learn through challenging themselves and others and who just love getting things done - because done is better than perfect.

    JustWatch is a tech and data driven company at heart, with strong additional skills in business, marketing and sales. Our marketing founds on curiosity, talent, iterative methods and number driven descisions. We?ve created some of the biggest audiences for websites and apps before and handled sophisticated SEA setups with the help of technology.

    Therefore we are looking for people with at least some technical and analytical background, who want to deep dive into SEO, Mobile Marketing or SEA.

    We love challenging goals. We are questioning everything. We are always learning. And we are excellent in execution. We believe in the 80/20 rule and try to apply common sense and pragmatism to everything.

    If you share these values and want to commit your time and passion to us, great - we?d like to meet you. Just write us a short mail and tell us, what motivates you and how you think you can help us achieve our goals in growing an audience of movie and tv show fans. We are not interested in a perfect CV or extensive work experience.

    What you offer:

    • curiosity, passion, ?man-of-action-attitude?
    • open-minded, fast-learning
    • interest in online marketing (SEO, SEA, Mobile Marketing)
    • you do use growth hacking tricks and you never heard about it before you read it here
    • analytical & technical talent (skills like HTML, Photoshop or SQL helps)
    • english skills

    What we offer:

    • experienced founders with track records in SEO and Mobile Marketing
    • highly talented colleagues
    • freedom and responsibility
    • develop and help executing growth strategies for
    • you help building an international company from scratch

    If you are not sure if you might be a fit for us, drop us a line anyway.
    We just want to know who you are and who you want to become.

    Write to talent at justwatch com now! We are very much looking forward to meeting you.
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    You might first want to check your post and not put black text on a black background. smh
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    Lmao /15characters