Interlinking Youtube Accounts? How can I avoid this?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by greggggg, Apr 19, 2012.

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    Apr 24, 2011
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    Can someone confirm with me that I am using the best practices.

    I purchased 50 private proxies,. I have had accounts created for me. I am posting about 3-4 videos that I made unique by changing a frame to each account using 1 private proxy. I only use 1 private proxy per account and I use firefox private browsing to post. I am using all 50 proxies in a day and posting about 175 videos a day. I only post twice a week. Monday and friday so that I let enough time pass in between. Is this the best and most safe method to post?

    I think my only concern will be with the quality of the accounts if I stick to these procedures correct?

    Second Question. I now have the 175 videos that I created. I want to generate views for them, and I have a found services that I am considering. They allow me to use unlimited URLs and by doing so am I putting my videos at risk to interlinking by using one of these services. I'm guessing the way the views are generated will be the same for all the videos and I was wondering if this will leave a footprint or not.