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    So for the last 2 years i have been watching a very very highly competitive kw in google serp's ... why? because i would love to be on page1 for it ....
    i have tried and tried but the closest i got was page2 using xrumer and SB - then earlier this year big google kicked my arse and totally removed me for this term.

    Anyway, a few weeks ago i noticed a url appearing around page 10 that i have never seen before? took a look at the site and it looks like a custom wp site full of articles. The site wasn't selling any affiliate products but had a couple of banner add's.

    Last week it appeared on page3 .... noted.

    Yesterday it was at the top of page2 .... wow!

    This got me thinking and i decided to take a look a little deeper to see how.

    Pr = 2
    Age = waybackmachine has the first record in june 2009
    domain reg = 2007 (i think)

    when i looked at the back links it showed a mixture of crap article sites (possibly using something like AMR) and forum profile linkes (xrumer)
    There is also something quite clever ... the owner is having forum discussions with his own users, pretty clever? not sure how this is done? xrumer maybe?

    Anyway, using SEO Spyglass to look at the backlinks there is only about 150 showing and most of them are pretty poor quality!!!!

    Any suggestions how i can dig a little deeper?

    Will be interesting to see if this site climbs anymore or gets the boot!

    This KW is massive in my industry so to get to page 2 on 150+ back links is almost unheard of???

    Any other suggestion how i can explore what/how they have done this? i will also keep you updated it it climbs or drops?
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    zeta reticuli
    1. Check the quality of the content.
    2. Is the site owner engaging in conversation with visitors in comment section?
    3. What about the on-site SEO?
    4. Check the frequency of content update.
    5. Exact match domain?
    6. Are all the backlinks pointing to the site have keyword in anchor text?
    7. Backlinks from any web2.0 sites? because it might heavily backlinked instead of money site.
    8. Run a backlinks check on all the links pointing to the site.
    9. You mean to say, the site owner is posting actively on niche related forums with link in sig?
    10. Any sign of social media involvement in promotion?