Intended strategy for whitehat thoughts?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by davids355, Feb 24, 2017.

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    im taking on a new client and I'm thinking about setting up 4-5 niche sites to act as tier 1. But I want to rank these sites in their own right each for a different sub-niche of the clients main niche.

    Idea is they will end up being very high quality sites linking to clients site and if they rank I can also drive leads to clients site and/build targeted mailing lists from them.

    But also it means I can build links to those sites a bit more aggressively without directly harming clients site.

    What are your thoughts on this strategy?
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    i used to use this type of strategy a number of years ago. We called them mini sites. The issue we came across was we used some pretty full on links to the mini site and the whole network including the money site got taken out by google in manual review. We even set up each mini site on different hosting accounts, different layouts and each mini site had over 10,000 words each.

    What we did when we tried again, was build mini sites but didn't link them to the main money site. This still allowed us to take on more market share without the risk of everything linked together. Also allowed used to use a different type of links on each mini-site to see what worked best in that niche.

    Nowadays we just do 100% outreach work and build out the main site to well over 50,000 words and target long tail keyworks. But hey maybe we were just a little to crazy with links to the mini-sites and that's why we got taken down. Will never know
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    That's basically a gloried PBN