[Intellifluence] Getting impossible links and sales with influencer marketing

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Interested looks great service. Any review copies left, let me know.
Looks like a promising service...if extending the review copies then I would love to.
so we have to pay site subscription and then pay to influencer for promoting our content. Right?
Hi everyone; all the review copies have been claimed. I've PMed everyone in the thread up to this message.

so we have to pay site subscription and then pay to influencer for promoting our content. Right?

Great question. I know I answered you privately, but it is worth explaining to the rest of BHW.

The subscription fee is for access to the network and the backend operations. You could think of it as similar to subscribing to Ninja Outreach in that regard, except they have a database that you send cold emails to and we have opt-in influencers that not only want to receive products/cash in exchange for reviews/links, but because the messaging happens within the internal system they are psychologically more receptive to receiving requests via us than an external email.

Each influencer will have his or her own rates and requests. This is a lot like when you're sending out cold pitches for guest posts or manually hitting up people on Instagram, Twitter, Amazon *cough* etc.

I could write another book just as a reply of the various ways to make it work. Since this subforum is primarily people doing SEO, I'll embed an interview I recently did with the guys at Lionzeal PBN; if you like videos then it might help to shed a bit more light on the thought process behind how to use a SaaS like us, as well as general SEO advice and evolution of blackhat. I'm obviously biased, as this is in a sales thread, but it is working extremely well.

Also, I got some requests for joining the affiliate program. We teamed up with Offer Stream Digital; their CEO Rob Adler you might know as Bof2U from various IM forums. He's a quality dude. Thus, if you are looking to be an affiliate, I'd like to ask that you use this link so that Blackhatworld gets some extra revenue: http://www.osdtrk.com/rd/r.php?sid=784&pub=790541 -- it is set to give you 10% commissions and 5% commissions for the affiliates you refer to the network (i.e. this helps Blackhatworld).

Have a great weekend everyone; I'll try to get to all questions via PM. Our support through our site is also very receptive if something comes up.
Interested! I would like a review copy if available. Thanks!
PM sent.

I would like to try a review copy if any left?
PM sent.

I did a podcast with Search Engine Journal on the intersection of influencer marketing and SEO for more background information on how the concept works for getting links. Data is very fluid, but what we're seeing is the pitch-to-action ratio is much higher on warm (opt-in) outreach than cold outreach, and not just for the acquisition of bloggers' attention, but across all networks. Getting the right pins in Pinterest, the right shares on Facebook...having that warm connection is proving vital. We're at 26,000+ influencers now and I have an internal goal for us to be at 100,000 by the end of the year, 1m by end of 2018 and 10m by end of 2019. In other words, get in now because prices will be going up as we keep adding value.

All review copies spoken for.
Count me in! Keen to try
I really appreciate it; review copies were gobbled up on the first day though.

When we made the Kim K banner a few months ago it was for one of our blog posts; mid last week we re-ran the sum of aggregate audiences and we had since doubled. 247,388,776 audience size reach. This is the power of peer influencers over that of their celebrity counterparts -- micro influencers are far cheaper to employ, and in aggregate are actually worth more. If the pace holds up our aggregate reach should reach 1Billion by the end of the year. Imagine using an audience like that on your highest quality project - would you get a ton of sales and links?
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